For the privacy of our customers we do not reveal names,  however here are a few actual client comments we have recently received on our work. 

Please see the pictures on the Gallery page to see our company's work firsthand. These are all Oklahoma homes and businesses that T-N-T has restored!

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"Tina and her crew are the only marble experts I trust  to take care of my marble countertops. I had three, yes three other marble refinishers in my home to work on my countertops. Each refinisher  caused minor damage. Two of the refinishers work at very reputable tile stores in OKC. I called Tina and she was able to repair damage others had caused and properly sealed my polished marble countertops. Tina is the only refinisher with the expertise to refinish and seal polished marble!! Sincerely, Elicia Kliewer"- Edmond

"Everything looks great! (marble) The floors look awesome.  I constantly receive complements on them."-  J.H. Oklahoma Heritage Museum

"Thank you so much.  The (granite) table looks wonderful!  I’m so happy with it!  I’ve waited a long time for it to look like this!"- K.H. Okc, Quail Creek

"Holy cow!!! You guys did an amazing job!!!!! (travertine)"- T.M. Edmond

 "Thanks for your help and expertise.  It (terrazzo) looks great."-  P.F. Okc

"Wow! That (granite counter) looks awesome.  Great job."-  H.S. Norman

"Floors (limestone) look great. Thanks."- R.B. Okc, Gaillardia

"We are so happy with our floors.  I smile every time I come down the stairs and see that beautiful marble.Thank you."-  C. M. Jones

"Looks great! (granite)"-  J.M. Nichols Hills

"Great job on the stains & the granite."-  C.M. Edmond

"My floor (marble) looks wonderful."-  D.C. Yukon

"Thank you very much, and you guys do great work! (granite)"- R.H. Okc

"The (marble) floors are wonderful.  Thank you so much!!"-  R.S. Nichols Hills

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and making my floors (marble) beautiful again!!!!"--
K.S. Okc

"Great job.  Thank you for making our marble top look good as new."-  M.P. Edmond

"It (marble vanity) looks great!"-  M.M. Nichols Hills

"The (marble) floor looks beautiful-you did a terrific job!!Thanks so much!!"- Mrs. D. Okc

"Just wanted to thank you again for your fine work on my kitchen counters.  If you can use me as a reference, I would be happy to tell others of the quality of your work.  After having the "expert" from the stone company do his "repair" and leaving my counter looking exactly as cloudy and spotty as when he came, it was such a relief to me that you knew what had caused my problem and how to fix it.  In addition, you two were so pleasant to have in my home.  You covered everything, cleaned up after yourselves, and answered my questions concerning the future care of my counters.  I am finally as proud of my new granite coutertops and I am the rest of my new home.  Thanks again."- L. M. ,Yukon, Ok

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job on the floors (Travertine) I couldn't be happier. The are so beautiful now. After all we have been through you are our heros. I catch my self looking at the reflection of the flowers in the kitchen window on the floor and smile. This is the way it should have been from the start. You guys are the best!!!"- Mrs. N., Duncan, OK

"I called TNT and asked them to take a look at the dull granite countertop.  Not only were they able to  bring it back up to the sheen of the remainder of the top they made no mess while doing it." - J.A., OKC,OK
"Once again, I called TNT and had them look at it  (Another dull granite countertop). After working on the top, the dead flat area is gone and the entire top blends uniformly.
I would recommend you give them a try. They have had extensive training in stone refurbishing and polishing. I think you would like the results."- J.A., OKC,OK

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Black Granite kitchen counter top last week.  The original granite supplier tried to take a chip out of the granite and instead made a bigger problem as they took the shine off the granite and would not come back to fix it.  After your completion  the Black Granite looked like new and your knowledge of the restoration process was apparent.
Also, the cat urine spot on my sunroom floor was completely gone after you applied a poultice to it.
I have done a lot of remodeling and dealt with many companies but I must say that the courtesy, professionalism and promptness to an appointment made by your company is the best I have ever seen.  I would highly recommend you to anyone."- Mrs. P.D.,  Norman,OK

"We saw the floors (Marble) at the lake house yesterday. They looked great! We could not have been happier! The floors are awesome!- D.H., McAlester, OK

"Thank you for the lovely work you did.  Your care and attention to details was a breath of fresh air."- Mrs. C., OKC, OK

"In our main bath we have a marble top that was there when we moved in (20+ years ago). The top was always very dull and tired.  T-N-T Stone Restoration came yesterday and you would not believe how beautiful my countertop is. It is just amazing. If you ever need this type of work done I would highly recommend them."- Mrs. W., OKC, OK

"We are very pleased with the polishing of the marble in our master bathroom. Thank you for a job well done!"- Mr. E., Nichols Hills, OK

"The floors (Travertine) look great! Nobody would believe how bad it started. Thanks!"- M.C., Bartlesville, OK

"Wow! these floors look Great! It made a significant difference in the look. I Love the work that you guys have done !"- C.F., OKC, OK

"Our Floors look Beautiful! That's what I was expecting. Thanks so much for your hard effort! I haven't even put the chairs back in yet!"- B.R., Edmond, OK

"The marble looks incredible. We are very happy with it & will highly recommend you."- C.B., Edmond, OK

"We love the new floor….so glad we had you guys do it.  Thanks again."-  C.H. Edmond

"We really like our entrance way-thank you. (terrazzo)"- R.B. Okc

"(Marble) looks great."-  R.G. Nichols Hills

"The (marble) floors look wonderful."-  K.S. Okc

"It (marble) looks great."-  N.A. Shawnee

"The floor (travertine) looks great."-  B.N. Duncan" Thanks for the Great Job you did on the floor! It looks Fantastic!"

"Thanks! Vanity is Beautiful!"

"The floors look amazing! I knew you guys would do a good job but this goes way past my expectations."

"We love the new floor...so glad we had you guys did it. Thanks again."- C.H., Edmond, OK

"Wow! That (granite) counter looks awesome. Great job."- H.S., Norman, OK

"Thanks for your help and expertise. It looks great."- P.F., OKC, OK

Thanks again for the work on the granite.  It really looks great! D.R. Mwc

(Marble) looks great! Like new again! G.B. Okc 

Thank you for the amazing job. (Travertine) H.A. Gaillardia

The floors look GREAT!! (Terrazzo and Flagstone) A.F. Chickasha

"Thank you very much for your work. The floors looked great. In fact, that was the first thing our Director said this morning." - B. J., OKC, OK

"The floors look amazing! I knew you guys would do a good job but this goes way past my expectations."- E.W., OKC, OK

"Thanks for the extra sparkly floors! You guys do good work!"- C.B., OKC, OK

"Job well done, looks great.  Wife likes it also.  Thanks. "- Mr. M., Anadarko, OK

"Thanks for your help getting the (marble) back like new!"

"Thank you for visiting our house today. We are very pleased with the polishing of the marble in our bathroom. Thank you again for a job well done." M.E., Nichols Hills, OK

"Thank you very much for taking the time to meet this morning – We are ecstatic with the results!"

"Awesome Company!
They made my floors look brand new! Excellent work!"- C.B., OKC, OK