We can perform: Cleaning, Grinding, Flattening, Honing, Polishing, Sealing,
Scratch, Etch, or Scuff Damage Repair
 Filling Holes and Voids
 Countertop Repair, Seam Refilling or Leveling, or Chip Repair

Etched, scratched, marred, spilled on, worn, broken, cracked, pitted or dull stone surfaces can be transformed to beautiful and just simply gorgeous surfaces again! Or if you prefer a more honed appearance we can easily provide a clean matte finish, or medium to medium high finish as well.

If your existing or newly laid floor needs lippage (unevenly laid tiles that creates a higher lip next to the adjacent tile) removed or  complete flattened finish,  we can provide that service as well!

Travertine need filling? We can either use color matched polyester resin, epoxy (for wet areas) or travfill ( a lime based product with latex additive for added strength and adhesion) those fissures for you.

Need a repair on your stone surface? Let us take care of cracks, chips, pits or breaks.

Has your natural stone and grout become stained and dirty looking?
At T-N-T we can offer cleaning methods to fit your needs-

We apply a prespray of heavy duty stone safe cleaner then Machine scrub with diamond pads that mechanically agitates the surface using degreasers, cleaners or restorative cleaners.This also removes the dirt in the top surface pores of the stone.
Then we use a portable high pressure controlled spray method that blasts and simultaneously vacuums the dirt away!
This is done carefully so as to not use too high a pressure on natural stone surfaces as this can dull the shine or damage the stone surface.

By using the best methods and products, we can clean a stone surface like no other regular cleaning (including other "high pressure cleaning" methods) can WITHOUT damaging the stone or the dulling the appearance!

We always apply sealer to the grout and stone to protect its appearance from staining and dirt. We can apply clear or enhanced to natural stone and grout depending on your needs.

T-N-T only uses natural processes to refinish your surfaces resulting in factory new brilliance or a clean matte finish to a dull, dirty, or abused floor, countertop or ANY NATURAL STONE!

We use Diamond impregnated metal and resin discs or pads, stone polishes (these are not topical coatings but reactionary powders and creams designed for each stones mineral makeup), and honing powders and pads and just tap water to restore that brilliantly reflective shine or clean matte finish back to your stone surface! 

We never use coatings (to artificially restore the shine) such as waxes, finishes, or crystalizers on  stone as these products actually ruin the composition of natural stone and they wear and scratch easily. They don't allow the stone to breathe and trap harmful acids and moisture which break down and destroy the integrity of the stone. This action of decay may take the form of pitting, spalling, flaking and oxidation. You want your natural stone to breathe or it will disintegrate.  Our natural process ensures your stone will reflect a brand new appearance without harming its makeup and extends the lifespan of your investment.

To futher protect your natural stone we always apply a penetrating sealer at the end of the process. We can also apply a color enhancing sealer to stone such as slate or flagstone. This sealer still allows the stone to breathe while enriching natural tones.


****Please note that sealers are designed to protect against staining. There is currently no penetrating or enhancing sealer that can stop etching on calcite stone (such as marble, travertine, or limestone). It is a chemical reaction between calcium based stone and acids.****
****Please note that refinishing stone is not intended to clean grout. That is a separate service upon request which can be added to the refinishing process.****

No need to go to the expense and mess of removing and replacing grout -We offer a permanent solution for grout that has become too stained for any cleaning process. With Color Sealing you can perfectly restore or even change the color of your grout!

Color Sealing is an durable colored penetrating sealer that permanently bonds to your existing grout. It dries to a matte finish conforming itself to the grout contours to look natural, not painted.  Not only is a perfectly uniform color restored but stains are locked out and now your grout is easier to keep clean than ever before!

This isn't low quality colorseal that doesn't last or performs poorly but is an exceptionally lasting and high grade product!. Our colorseal actually repels oils and fats and leaves the grout much easier to clean. It actually outperforms, by a large margin, epoxy grout!

It contains aluminum oxide, a mineral much harder than granite, to fortify its lasting toughness. And it will adhere to any existing grout including epoxy, urethane or additive fortified grout.

It contains additives to inhibit mildew growth and can stand up to harsh cleaners!
We can either match the color of your existing grout or you can pick an entirely different color altogether! The choices of color are endless but repeatable and uniform.

Fully protect old grout or your newly installed grout on your floors, countertops, showers- or wherever you have grout!

Has your Corian, Formica or other Solid Surface been scratched, scuffed, chipped, dinged or become worn with use? Remember when it was new and had a beautiful appearance? T-N-T can refinish, repair and restore these surfaces to a brand new appearance as well!
Would you like a higher sheen or even a high polish? We at T-N-T use extremely high quality refinishing discs to always leave a natural and long lasting finish , not artificial coatings that wear quickly and look unnatural!

Even these hard to damage surfaces need repair or refinishing at times. Again we  at T-N-T have been specially trained and are experienced in the use of the latest industry products and methods to restore these surfaces as well!
From texture to shine we can match factory finish!

We can add more luster and life to your concrete floors or countertops!
Need some shine and protection to your concrete floors or countertops? We can grind, hone, polish, densify,  matte or shiny seal your concrete surfaces to provide energy and beauty to a drab dull concrete. We use indoor/outdoor products so this process can work for all your needs.

Have you have had your concrete polished in the past and now it has lost its shine?  Let us refresh your floor to bring back that just polished brilliance! We use diamond pads and abrasives to bring the luster back to your floor or countertop keeping your surfaces low maintenance but enhancing its natural shine!

Your polished concrete not holding its shine long enough?
Don't use coatings that wear off let us apply a specialized Densifier that not only "Pops the Gloss" but extends the life of your polished look by hardening the surface even more!  We apply the densifier then by using heat burnishing pads we activate the product so it melds into the surface pores thus creating a very high and hard shine that will last and last!

We also will leave you an educational brochure that fully explains how to care for your newly restored surface. Not only does it provide what you should use including product recommendations but also what you should avoid using to care for your stone surface. We also suggest web sites where you can order professional stone care products to keep your investment looking as good as possible for as long as possible with proper care and treatment.

Call, text, or e-mail for more information or a free quote on any service or program you may need!  Estimates are provided for any service or program you need.  Just provide the service required, the square footage, type of surface, and if possible send pictures.
Phone: 405-843-3784 or phone or text Tina @ 405-249-8569
E-mail: tntstonecare@cox.net or tntfloors@cox.net